Department Code: SOC


Sociology is the study of society, its composition, organization, culture, and development. It combines scientific methods with humanistic perspectives, integrating the findings of economics, political science, psychology, and history. The Department of Sociology offers BS degree program. The objective of these programs in Sociology is to provide students with the competencies needed to understand and address social problems and inequalities at national and global level. A part of curriculum consists of historical development of societies in diverse regions across the globe, which allows us to consider the grand social transformations that are undergoing on the global scale. The Department enables its students to apply Sociology knowledge for analyzing various social situations. Other part of curriculum deals with human culture, such as religion, popular culture, and folkways. Minor courses taught include gender, health and illness, race and ethnic relations and social stratification. At the end, it produces knowledgeable, developmental professionals and high calibre community scholars.

Our research and development placements and internships have involved partnerships with government departments as well as with non-governmental organizations. The department provides an intellectual environment for students considering careers in business, social services, public policy, government services, international non-governmental organizations, foundations and academia.

Programs Offered

BS (HONS) Sociology

Duration: 4-years (8 Semesters)

Eligibility Criteria: FA/FSc with at least 2nd division or equivalent