Department Code: CHM


Chemistry is the key to understand nature and physical world and to improve quality of life and environment. Chemistry helps in understanding the origin of life and suggests ways to use non-living things for giving comfort to life. Chemical orientation cannot be imparted in isolation and has to be developed through a cocktail of physics and biology on one hand and engineering and applied sciences on the other.

The Department of Chemistry, University of Wah is well equipped for pursuing this goal having skilled and proficient faculty, state-of-the-art research laboratories and other infrastructure.

The department offers admission in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degree programs in the field of Organic, Inorganic/Analytical and Physical Chemistry. Curricula of the offered programs are means to have sound background in theory as well as in practice to meet the crisis in developing countries.

The Department of Chemistry is immensely proud of the illustrious community of its Alumni who have charted successful career paths at national and international levels in educational and research institutions, textile, pharmaceutical, beverages &food products, chemicals, paints, cement, and polymer industries, clinical laboratories, and oil refineries.