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1. Can I submit the abstract/research paper at any time?

No, there are certain deadlines for submission of abstract/paper. Please see the important dates.

2. What are the simple steps to be a part of this conference?

STEP I: Abstract submission

Submit the abstract on MDSRC@uow.edu.pk, along with registration form available on webpage.

STEP II: Full paper submission

Once the abstract is accepted, then you will be asked to submit the full length paper.

STEP III: Fee payment

Pay your registration fee within due dates. Important Dates

Congrats! You are all set to present your paper on the conference day.

3. Am I required to send the full paper at the beginning?

No, you have to submit the abstract initially. Once the abstract is reviewed and accepted, then full paper may be submitted before the submission deadline.

4. Can I send the abstract/full-length paper on the email address for submission?

Yes, abstract/full-length paper should only be sent as an attachment using the E-mail “mdsrc@uow.edu.pk”. No other way of submission shall be entertained.

5. Can I send a hard copy of abstract/research paper for submission?

No, abstract/full-length paper should only be sent through E-mail.

6. Is there any specific format that I need to follow for submission of abstract/full paper?

Yes, there is a specific format in which paper has to be submitted. You can find it in Paper submission guidelines .

7. Can I submit the paper in PDF format?

No,you must upload the paper in doc or docx format.

8. What is the registration fee for this conference?

It varies according to category of author/participant and is given in the Registration Fee.

9. Does one registration fee include facilitation of more than one author of the same paper?

No, one registration fee includes facilitation of one author/participant only i.e. one registration fee for one participant.

10. Can I pay the registration fee on the day of conference at reception?

Yes, on-desk registration facility would be available on the conference day at the venue, but one of the authors must pay registration fee on or before the early bird registration deadlines as this would ensure the inclusion of their papers in the conference proceedings.

11. Do I have to present the paper at the conference if it is accepted?

Yes, it is compulsory for at least one of the authors of a paper to present their work at the conference.

12. Will the paper be published in any journal once accepted?

The paper will be published in the conference proceedings in the form of a DVD and also in hard form which will be available in the conference pack.

13. Can I pay the registration fee online?

Yes, you can pay the registration fee online. Click here .

14. My paper has already been published in X, Y and Z Category Journals/Conferences. Can I submit the same paper in this (MDSRIC-2022)?

No, the paper must be unpublished and original.

15. Can I submit more than one abstract/paper under different categories under one registration?

No, a separate registration would be required for every additional submission.

16. How will I know that my abstract/paper has been accepted?

The acceptance of abstract/paper will be notified to the author via E-mail.

17. Does the registration fee include accommodation charges?

No, it does not include the accommodation charges.

18. I have a few queries. Where and how can I contact to get the information?

In case of any type of information or query, feel free to contact us here:

Tel: +92 (0)51 9157781 (Mr. Imran Shahzad)
Mobile: +92 341 2086404 (Dr. Shaukat Ali)
Email: mdsrc@uow.edu.pk