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Department Code: ECO


Economic problems are a major concern in contemporary age. The study of Economics has helped mankind in fulfilling its demand keeping in view the scarcity of resources. Nature has blessed mankind with communicative and social skills to emerge as a unique creature. The rational behavior of humans confirms the maximization of utility in all walks of life. Classical, Keynesian, New Classical and New Keynesian debate has given different thoughts to humans to solve daily life problems. The variety of theoretical studies regarding economic problems has helped in alleviation of poverty, managing food resources and building trade linkages among different parts of world.

The Department of Economics offers BS and MS degree programs. The objective of the department is to educate students as professional economists for various public and private organizations around the world. These programs include modern qualitative and quantitative aspects of economics which would enable the students to consolidate the knowledge of economic theory and quantitative methods.

The Department of Economics is immensely proud of the illustrious community of its Alumni, who have chartered successful career-paths as economists. Our Alumni are continuing their career in different private as well as public financial organizations, universities and government institutions.