BS Chemistry


Programs Offered

BS Chemistry

Duration: 4-years (8 Semesters)

Eligibility Criteria: FSc (Chemistry as a subject)/DAE with at least 2nd division or equivalent
Total Credit Hours (CH): 120 (Without Minors)

First Semester

Course Code Course Title SDG Credit Hours
( Th + Lab )
ENG-102 Foundation of English SDG-4 3+0
CHM-111 General Chemistry SDG-6 3+0
PSY-431 Educational Psychology SDG-3 3+0
STS-101 Statistics SDG-8 3+0
ISL-111 Serat-un-Nabiﷺ (Khatam-un-Nabiyeen) SDG-15/16 3+0
Semester Total 15(15+0)
Mandatory Practical Learning Lab (PLL) minimum of 4 hours per week Non-credit

Second Semester

Course Code Course Title SDG Credit Hours
( Th + Lab )
ENG-103Communication Skills 3+0
BIS-101Basic Biology SDG-3 3+0
SOC-101Introduction to Sociology SDG-10 3+0
CS-117 Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies SDG-11 2+1
HU-201 Professional Ethics SDG-15 3+0
Semester Total 15(14+1)
Mandatory Practical Learning Lab (PLL) minimum of 4 hours per week Non-credit

Third Semester

Course Code Course Title SDG Credit Hours
( Th + Lab )
ENG-215Academic reading & writing SDG-4 3+0
PKS-101Pakistan studies SDG 3+0
ISL-101Islamic studies SDG-15/163+0

Fourth Semester

List of Distributional Courses
BIS-141 Biochemistry-I SDG-1 3+0
BIS-241 Biochemistry-II SDG-2 3+0
MATH-306 Numerical Analysis SDG-3 2+1
PHY-101 Elementary Mechanics SDG-3 3+0
Ch.E-301 Heat Transfer Fundamental SDG- 3+0
Ch.E-102 Industrial Stoichiometry SDG-6 3+0
CHM-251 Basics of Physical Chemistry SDG-6 2+1
CHM-221 Basics of Analytical Chemistry SDG-12 2+1
CHM-311 Environmental Chemistry SDG-13 3+0
CHM-312 Nuclear Chemistry SDG-12 3+0
List of Optional Courses
CHM-231 Basics of Inorganic ChemistrySDG-6 2+1
CHM-241 Basics of Organic Chemistry SDG-7 2+1
CHM-112 Applied Chemistry SDG-6 3+0

Summer Semester

Internship (AD Program) Non-credit

Fifth Semester

Course Code Course Title SDG Credit Hours
( Th + Lab )
CHM-321 Analytical Chemistry SDG-12 3+0
CHM-331 Inorganic Chemistry-I SDG-6 2+1
CHM-341 Organic Chemistry-I SDG-7 2+1
CHM-351 Physical Chemistry-I SDG-3/6 2+1
XXX Distributional VI SDG- 3+0
Semester Total 15(12+3)
Minor-I 3-credit

Sixth Semester

Course Code Course Title SDG Credit Hours
( Th + Lab )
XXX Optional III Optional 3+0
CHM-322 Analytical Techniques Major 2+1
CHM-332 Organic Chemistry-II Major 2+1
CHM-342 Organic Chemistry-II Major 2+1
CHM-352 Physical Chemistry-II Major 2+1
Semester Total 15(11+4)
Internship Non-credit
Mandatory Community workNon-credit
XXX Minor-II Minor 3-credit

Specialization in Analytical Chemistry / Inorganic / Organic / Physical

Seventh Semester

Course Code Course Title SDG Credit Hours
( Th + Lab )
CHM-XXX Specialization I Major 3+0
CHM-XXX Specialization II Major 3+0
CHM-XXX Specialization III Major 3+0
CHM-XXX Specialization IV Major 3+0
CHM-XXX Specialization Lab-I Lab 0+1
CHM-477 Advanced Lab-I Lab 0+2
Semester Total 15(12+3)
XXX Minor-III Minor 3-credit

Eighth Semester

Course Code Course Title SDG Credit Hours
( Th + Lab )
CHM-XXX Specialization V Major 3+0
CHM-XXX Specialization VI Major 2+0
CHM-XXX Specialization VII Major 3+0
CHM-XXX Specialization VIII Major 3+0
CHM-XXX Specialization Lab-II Lab 0+1
CHM-478 Advanced Lab-II Lab 0+2
Semester Total 15(12+3)
XXX Minor-IV Minor 3-credit

*Students may opt either Research Project or Research Thesis as following in lieu of two courses in each seventh and eighth semesters with 3 credit hours.

  • CHM-491 Research Project
  • CHM 499 Research Project

Specialization in Analytical Chemistry

CHM-421 Instrumental Methods of Analysis-I SDG- 3+0
CHM-422 Water and Soil Chemistry SDG-133+0
CHM-481 Hyphenated Techniques SDG- 3+0
CHM-482 Nuclear Techniques SDG- 3+0
CHM-423 Electro Analytical Methods SDG 3+0
CHM-425 Instrumental Methods of Analysis-II SDG 3+0
CHM-466 NMR and EPR Spectroscopy SDG 3+0
CHM-426 Atmospheric Chemistry SDG-133+0
CHM-428 Analytical Chemistry of Polymers SDG-9 3+0
CHM-429 Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry SDG-123+0
CHM-483 X-Ray Methods of Analysis Major 3+0
CHM-424 Analytical Chemistry Lab-I Major 0+1
CHM-427 Analytical ChemistryLab-II Major 0+1

Specialization in Inorganic Chemistry

CHM-431 Co-ordination Chemistry Major 3+0
CHM-433 Organometallics Major 3+0
CHM-434 Unit Operations and Inorganic Industries Major 3+0
CHM-462 Spectroscopic Method of Analysis Major 3+0
CHM-433 Inorganic Polymers Major 3+0
CHM-438 Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry Major 3+0
CHM-435 Crystallography Major 3+0
CHM-436 Elementary Group Theory Major 3+0
CHM-437 Non-Aqueous Solvents Major 3+0
CHM-463 Atomic Spectroscopy Major 3+0
CHM-471 InorganicChemistryLab-I Major 0+1
CHM-474 InorganicChemistryLab-II Major 0+1

Specialization in Organic Chemistry

CHM-441 Natural Products SDG-3 3+0
CHM-443 Reaction Mechanism SDG-4 3+0
CHM-444 Stereochemistry SDG-4 3+0
CHM-461 Organic spectroscopy SDG-7 3+0
CHM-442 Organic Polymers SDG-4 3+0
CHM-445 Organic Industries SDG-13 3+0
CHM-446 Organic Named Reactions and Molecular Rearrangements SDG-3 3+0
CHM-447 Organic Retro synthesis SDG-4 3+0
CHM-448 Reactive Intermediates SDG-4 3+0
CHM-464 Heterocyclic Compounds and NMR SDG-4 3+0
CHM-472 Organic Chemistry Lab-I SDG- 0+1
CHM-475 Organic Chemistry Lab-II SDG 0+1

Specialization in Physical Chemistry

CHM-451 Chemical Thermodynamics SDG-7 3+0
CHM-452 Electro and Surface chemistry SDG-3/6 3+0
CHM-454 Polymer and Composite Materials SDG-3/6 3+0
CHM-465 Molecular Spectroscopy SDG-3/6 3+0
CHM-453 Photochemistry SDG-7 3+0
CHM-459 Statistical Mechanics SDG-8 3+0
CHM-455 Chemical Kinetics SDG-8 3+0
CHM-456 Surfactants and Solution Chemistry SDG-6 2+0
CHM-457 Quantum Chemistry SDG-4 3+0
CHM-458 Solid State Chemistry SDG-7 3+0
CHM-473 Physical Chemistry Lab-I SDG- 0+1
CHM-476 Physical Chemistry Lab-II SDG 0+1
Minor Subjects offer for the other Departments
BIS-141 Biochemistry-I SDG-1 3+0
CHM-131 Fundamental of Inorganic Chemistry SDG-6 2+1
CHM-141 Fundamental of Organic Chemistry SDG-3 2+1
CHM-151 Fundamental of Physical Chemistry SDG-6 2+1
CHM-121 Fundamental of Analytical Chemistry SDG-12 2+1
Semester Total 12(8+4)