Research Projects

Approved Research Grants 2022

National Research Program for Universities (NRPU) by HEC
Sr# Title P.I CO-P.I Amount
1 Neutrino cooling and decay rates for important weak interaction nuclei for core-collapse supernova simulations Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi Dr. Muhammad Riaz  
2 Waste Water Remediation: Design of sustainable membranes hybrid membranes to mitigate hazardous pollutants Dr. Humaira Razzaq Dr. Faiza Asghar  
3 Biomimetic Hydrogel Nanocomposites for Injectable Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Applications Dr. Mussamir Khan Dr. Fawad Ahmad  
4 Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, pharmacological investigation and DFT study of ferrocene-modified acyl ureas Dr. Faiza Asghar -  
5 Role of Imidazole and Phenanthroline Derivatives on The Biology of Leukemic Stem Cells” Dr. Dilawar Khan Assistant Professor NUST Dr. Zaheer Ahmed (UW)  
6 Molecular Characterization of bacterial isolates and their application for organophosphates (chlorpyrifos and cypermethrin) biodegradation in peach orchards Dr. Mazhar Rafique Assistant Professor, University of Haripur Ms. Bushra Gul (UW)  
Joint Scientific Exchange Program Between Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
Sr# Title P.I CO-P.I Amount
7 China Pakistan nexus of electtronic vehicle industry chain and coordinated development policy Dr. Asma Arif -  
International Grant Institute of Physics
Sr# Title P.I CO-P.I Amount
8 International Member Grant Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi Dr. Matiullah Shah  

Submitted Research Grants During Year 2023

Rapid Technology Transfer Grant (RTTG) by HEC
Sr# Title P.I CO-P.I Amount
1. The Future of Tree Protection: An AI Solution for Monitoring and Management of tree population in Wah-Taxila Region Dr Syed Waqas Hassan - 5,863,750
2 Cost Effective App Designing for Pest and Weed Management in Potohar Region via Drone Dr. Razia Bibi Dr. Farhat Yasmeen 7,830,000
RASTA Competitive Grants by PIDE
Sr# Title P.I CO-P.I Amount
1. Gender Issues in Pakistani Rural Health Care System Dr. Anam Javeed Dr. Faiza Saleem 3,954,170
2 Geriatric Patients' Evaluation and Management in Pakistan: A Market Equilibrium Analysis Dr. Mahwash Ghafoor Chaudhry - 3,752,873
3. Pharmaceutical Industry regulation and Challenges Dr. Khurrum Shehzad Baig Mr. Fazeel Ahmad 4,000,000
4. Design And Development Of Voice And Gesture Controlled Smart Wheelchair Using Dc Motors For Specially Abled Persons Ms. Anas Ibrar Dr. Sohaira Ahmad 2,073,390
7th call for Proposals on Nanotechnology, Materials and AI by PSF
Sr# Title P.I CO-P.I Amount
1 Suspicious Activities Detection Through CCTV Cameras Dr. Javeria Amin - 20,000,000
2 AI based Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Device Dr. Haris Masood Prof. Dr. Aamir Hanif Dr. Waseem Shehzad 13,500,000
3 Application of Artificial Intelligence for Instantaneous Fracture Detection Using Infrared Thermography Dr. Najam ul Qadir (NUST) Dr. Haris Masood 20,000,000
4 Incorporation of Nano-Silica and Industrial Waste along with Magnetized Water in CLC/AAC lightweight concrete blocks/panels for energy efficient and sustainable building construction Mr. Muhammad Haroon Mr. Syed Salman Ahmad Zaidi 14,100,000
5 Behavior of GFRP bar-reinforced GO concrete columns Dr. Habil Ahmad Dr. Taimur Mazhar Sheikh Mr. Bilal Masood 12,500,000
6 Synthesis of custom-tuned, waste-derived carbon nanomaterials and their application in concrete Dr. Taimur Mazhar Sheikh Dr. Habil Ahmad Mr. Arsalan Raza 14,000,000
7 Enhancing Water Purification Efficiency through the Development of Mechanically Stable 2D M Xene and Nanocomposites Dr. Faisal Nawaz Prof. Syed Waqas Hassan 9,750,000
8 Selective recovery of gold from electronic-waste (e-waste) with amidoximated clay polymer nanocomposite Dr. Shaista Taimur - 7,500,000
9 Nano-Electrocatalysts for bio-oil upgradation to Biodiesel (biofuel) Dr. Khurrum Shahzad Baig Mr. Fazeel Ahmad 3,000,000
10 Branching Out with Technology: Protection, Monitoring and Management of tree population in District Attock Prof. Syed Waqas Hassan Dr. Razia 8,000,000
11 Development of low cost water filtration system using nanotechnology Dr. Farhat Yasmeen Dr. Razia 8,000,000
12 Modeling and Optimization of Membrane Based Industrial Wastewater Treatment Processes Using Artificial Neural Network Dr. Kashif Iqbal Mr. Muhammad Umar Mushtaq 5,000,000
13 To evaluate the therapeutic potential of metal doped Hydroxyapatite on treatment of bone injury related infections Prof. Dr. Uzma Ghazanfar Dr Muhammad Idress 14,000,000
14 Development of hybrid reinforced filament for 3D printing of safety helmets Dr. Muhammad Yasir Mr. Muhammad Azeem 10,000,000
15 Development of hybrid composite joint for arrestment of crack propagation in various engineering application Prof. Dr. Adnan Tariq Dr. Muhammad Yasir 2,000,000
16 Easycart: An Artificial Intelligence Based Smart Shopping Cart Mr. Ahsan Ali Dr. Shaukat Ali 6,170,000