ORIC Staff Contacts

Dr. Zuhair Subhani Khan

Director ORIC



Dr. Shumaila Naz

Incharge International Collaboration



Dr. Munazza Saeed

Placement Officer/Career Counselor
Faculty of Basic Sciences



Ms. Alina Maryum

Placement Officer/Career Counselor
Faculty of Computer Science



Mr. Muhammad Qasim Manan

Placement Officer/Career Counselor
Faculty of Engineering



Mr. Kamran Ahmed

Placement Officer/Career Counselor
Faculty of Management Sciences





The mission of Director is to facilitate and coordinate research activities of UW and to liaise with other national and international academic, research and industrial organizations. Director is source of information and responsible for providing guidance and support to the faculty in all activities related to research & development. He is also responsible to manage and enhance the research activities of the University, develop research policies and priorities, and serve as an effective advocate for research within the University and to its broader community of stakeholders and supporters.

Manager of Research and Development

The manger is responsible to develop programs and activities that will increase funding for research from all public and private sources, establish and maintain excellent relationships with donors and stakeholders, oversee proposal development and submission.

Manager of Research Operation

The manager is responsible to oversee all aspects of the operation of ORIC including research administration budgeting, auditing and accounting, human resource, management and maintenance of facilities and equipment, implementation of research contracts and human resource.

Manager University-Industrial Linkages

The main responsibility of the manger is to build and maintain strong Academia Industry Linkage with the focus on promoting and making UW graduates the premium choice for the employers. Further on, the other focus is to promote the development of public-private partnerships in support of university research, link the university’s research community with the needs and priorities of the corporate sector.