Ramadan Solidarity Initiatives

Community Service by Computer Science Students in Ramadan 2024

Students of Computer Science Department, University of Wah, in collaboration with Computing Society-UW during the holy month of Ramadan 2024, engaged in impactful community service endeavors on 04-05 April 2024. Classes 6A and 6B students visited POF Hospital, distributing food gift packs to patients and brightening their days with comforting interactions. Meanwhile, students from class 8A devoted time to Nasheman, sharing moments of joy with exceptional children through gift distribution and meaningful engagement. Class 8B students also organized an Eid celebration, personally delivering gifts to female workers at University of Wah and Mashal Degree College, spreading appreciation and solidarity. These endeavors reflect the department's ethos of compassion and solidarity, fostering a culture of service and empathy within the university community.

UW Computer Science Students Spread Compassion with Iftar Pack Distribution

Computer Science department students (4AI and 6AI), under the umbrella of Computing Society-UW, organized a community service event on 05 April 2024 in a heartening display of solidarity. They distributed Iftar packs to deserving people, providing essential support and inspiring others to join in and foster compassion within the community. This initiative underscores the transformative power of unity and empathy, highlighting the profound impact of even modest gestures in creating a more caring world.