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Awareness Campaigns

Seminar on Breast Cancer Awareness

Mashal Degree College organized a Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar on 24th October, 2019. The keynote speakers included Dr Sadia Nadeem and Dr Afshan Haroon from Wah Medical College. Both speakers briefed the audience about cancer risks, causes as well as symptoms and emphasized that an early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. The audience took keen interest in the enlightening session. At the end, the seminar was followed by a QA session.

Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns are regularly organized at the University to aid the much needed cognizance and education against breast cancer, which the most frequently diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of death due to cancer.

Awareness Campaigns against Epidemics/Disease Outbreaks

For awareness of the community and general public, UW organizes regular campaigns against various epidemics and prevailing disease outbreaks. Precautions against COVID and Anti-Dengue Awareness campaigns through Poster and Model Competitions have been held recently.

Mental Health Camps

Camps on mental health issues, quite prevalent in today’s stressful environment, are organized to promote awareness regarding mental health, psychological well-being, and stress management in the populace.