Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes of human beings. Nature created the mankind and blessed him with reasoning, communicative and social skills to emerge as a unique creature. Psychology provides the knowledge ,basic skills and tools to develop insight about the human beings .

According to American Psychology Association(APA), Psychology is serving in at-least 58 divisions in day to day life, particularly about interpersonal relationships, studies normal and abnormal behavior, attitudes, personality and unconscious reactions of human beings. Psychology not only assists in creating individual cognitive, social, moral and emotional aspects but also grooms and develops awareness, comprehension and application of the human optimum potential as a professional citizen .

The Psychology department seeks to provide education excellence in a personal and professional environment by challenging and supporting individuals and professional development, teaching from a knowledge based ground in clinical research, providing professional clinical internship facilities with affirming diversity of ideas, values and persons, upholding the highest of ethical principles in professional conduct and maintaining a partnership with institution and communities within the region. Graduates will be competent ,proactive professional counselors, knowledgeable, ethical, and skilled in their selected fields, flexible and comprehensive in their approach adaptable to the needs of people they serve. They will be leaders and advocates for human development and effective living within their families, institutions and communities .

The Department is currently running BS (4-Year)and M.Sc (2-Year) degree programs and providing clinical training to the student through internship in various approved hospitals. The department intends to start MS/M.Phil degree program in clinical and social Psychology .


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