Islamic & Pak Studies

The Department of Islamic & Pakistan Studies is a recent merger of Islamic Studies Department and the Department of Pakistan Studies. There being a lot common in both subjects as ideology of Pakistan is based on fundamental principles of Islam and the cultural history of Pakistan also holds in depth the Islamic Traditions: this was a welcome merger. The subjects of Pakistan and Islamic studies are offered to all the departments of Social Sciences, Basic Sciences and Management Sciences. The Engineering Departments also have Humanities courses covering Pakistan and Islamic Studies. This Department provides services to all these departments. The students studying these subjects are not only given theoretical concepts but also are taken on cultural tours and visits to historical sites processing deep linkage with Islamic Tradition. The Faculty of the department feels with deep concern that the students need to have a lot more enthusiasm for learning about their culture and values for which the department is eagerly contributing all its efforts.

Compulsory Subjects

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
ISL-104Islamic Studies (Comp)02
PKS-107Pakistan Studies (Comp)02

An overview of various
activities of the University
during the period and a glimpse of the future vision.


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