Hostel accommodation is an essential service for outstation students at affordable cost. University of Wah runs two hostels, one housing male students and the other accommodates female students. A well-organized Mess in each hostel takes care of balanced diet required to meet the essential dietary requirements of life.

The University ensures the safety and security of the students in the hostels through appropriate security measures. Other facilities provided in the hostels include laundry, TV/Cable & internet, newspaper, transport, indoor sports, gymnasium, library etc. Preference in allotment of hostel accommodation is given to outstation students.

A Hostel Committee looks after the hostel affairs and for provision of healthy food. The hostels are supervised by wardens who are appointed from within the faculty.

To obtain hostel accommodation, the consent of parent/guardian is essential. The expenses are shared among all students on monthly basis. Hostel rules may be revised/reviewed as deemed necessary by the competent authority.

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