One of the most important facilities provided by the University is the acceptable and affordable accommodation for females. This is the need of the fresh female students who, in most cases, are complete ‘strangers’ to the environment.

There are 2 hostels under University of Wah, providing accommodation to female students studying in the University. These hostels ensure all round and balanced development of learners’ personality with hygienic living conditions and modern amenities, keeping in mind the learners’ needs of growth and development.

A well organized Hostel Mess takes care of balanced diet required to meet the basic principle of a healthy mind in a healthy body. The University ensures the safety and security of the female students in the hostels through security guards. They are there to assist the students in case of any emergency also. To sum up, it is a home away from home with round the clock internet facilities to ensure that learners remain abreast with the on goings around the world.

Allotment of Hostel Accommodation

Hostel accommodation will be allotted to outstation students who get admission in any Discipline of the University. If any local student (living in Rawalpindi / Islamabad / Attock etc.) applies for hostel accommodation, her request will be considered after accommodating all the outstation students.

Students are required to apply on prescribed form. Hostel accommodation will be allotted by senior warden of Hostels on “first come first served” basis, depending on the availability of rooms.

Hostel Security/Refund

• Hostel security of Rs. 12,000/ (Refundable) must be deposited at the time of admission in the hostel.

• Students moving out or leaving the hostel before the end semester will have to pay the dues till end of the semester.

• On completion of the end semester, the warden of respective hostel will collect refund hostel securities of all the students leaving the hostel through minute sheet approved by the competent authority subject to clearance certificate forwarded by Admin Office.

• Refund of hostel security to students who are willing to leave before completion of their end semester will be made as per normal procedure in vogue.

Hostel Charges

Hostel charges will be on cost-to-cost basis.

Deposit of Dues

Dues are required to be paid on monthly basis.


Students should strictly observe all the rules mentioned in SOP for Hostels. This set of laws is a general guideline to facilitate the students and ensure comfortable stay in hostels. Parents/Guardians are requested to go through these rules and advise their daughters to strictly follow the rules. A certificate to this effect (as per the specimen) is required to be submitted by the students, signed by the parents/guardians, duly attested by oath commissioner in an affidavit of Rs.100 at the time of joining the hostel.

Rules are revised / reviewed as and when required.

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