University of Wah at a Glance

University of Wah is a private-sector higher education institution founded with the vision of achieving excellence in unbiased dissemination of quality education to all. It was granted Charter by the Punjab Provincial Assembly in 2009. University is offering HEC approved 4-Years Bachelors and 2-Years Masters degrees in Basic, Social, Computer, Management Sciences and Engineering. UW also offers MS and PhD Programs in multiple disciplines. The University has two constituent colleges; Wah Engineering College (WEC) and Mashal Degree College (MDC). WEC is offering BSc and MS programs in the fields of Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering and PhD Degree program in Electrical Engineering. It also offers BSc Engineering Technology in the fields of Electrical and Mechanical. The University remains open from 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM.

The University is located in the secure, scenic and pollution free environment of Wah Cantonment, which is situated towards North-West of Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan. Boasting 100% literacy rate, Wah and adjoining Taxila have a culture steeped in history and are embellished with ancient artifacts like temples, shrines and archeological sites as memorabilia of days past.

Since inception, the University has manifested remarkable progress. It has been producing a community of scholars, who are committed to making inroads into unchartered areas of knowledge in emerging and traditional disciplines. The University provides numerous facilities of advanced levels, and highly qualified and experienced faculty are consistently endeavoring to address future challenges. With an ever-growing 5,000 student-base, over 300 dedicated faculty members and an efficient management, it is poised to emerge as an institution responsive to technological change, higher education and research needs of the country by providing enabling environments. Moreover, the university has also grown tremendously in terms of physical infrastructure. The University has an advantage of an easy approach through GT road. The main gate on the GT road is also facilitated by an overhead pedestrian bridge in front of the main entrance to assist students/faculty coming from across the road.

Wah Engineering College is built over an expansive area studded with excellent infrastructure, laboratories and service facilities. The Engineering Campus is providing a great impetus in enhancing the standard of modern technical education. The campus has a spacious building designed in accordance with educational requirements. The College is located at the hub of industries in this region. Industrial organizations such as POFs, HIT, AWC, PMO, HMC etc., are in close proximity of the College which provide an ideal environment for the students to benefit from both theoretical and practical aspects of their academic programs.

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