Management Sciences

Department Code: MGT



To strive for delivering excellence through imparting quality education, inculcating research and development culture in the discipline of management sciences empowering students to become future leaders in the community and business world.


Inspiring to create and harness knowledge through research, collaboration, innovation, and industry-relevant curriculum - developing people who uphold ethical norms and values and be responsible for exceptional contribution to the socio-economic uplift of society at large.

Core Values

  • Integrity through consistency of principles, methods, measures, and actions. (Quality graduates)
  • Professionalism by exhibition and application of relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities (Academic Competency)
  • Ethics that ensure the codes of conduct are in place (Ethical)
  • Social Responsibility as an assumed obligation for the good of society at large (Social values)
  • Teamwork by building networks, conducting workshops, conferences, and other means. (Collaboration)