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Department Code: ENG


Fascination and allure for the several ways a language works and is used in the world around to the passion of reading literature from different historical periods, cultures and genres, all have been summed up under covering of Department of English at UW. Department’s BS(HONS) program combines core knowledge in English Language and Literature with the opportunity to develop individuals’ areas of interest in language, literature, drama and creative writing. English Language and Literature degrees are highly sought after by the employers due to the vast range of skills and dexterity.

As English is a global language and its culture has an international reach; therefore, individuals, who are equipped with strong subject knowledge can develop the ability to work as independent researchers and teachers. Moreover, this link language is of assistance to those who want to communicate effectively in spoken and written forms of English Language and respond imaginatively to original briefs.

The Department of English is proud of its Alumni, who are serving in public and private sectors, both at the national and international levels.