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Department Code: BIS


The 21st Century is the age of biosciences. New tools and technologies, advances in computation and multi-disciplinary approaches are contributing to biological revolution, which will pave the way to saving, extending and improving the quality of life. Biosciences research holds the promise of new therapies for life-threatening diseases and helping solve the most significant global issues. This subject area offers a vast number of courses on an array of subjects covering all aspects of the plant and animal worlds, human beings and the natural environment. The Department has highly qualified and experienced faculty. Currently, we are offering four Degree programs in BS (HONS), MS and PhD.

In undergraduate degree program, we emphasize on the students to follow rigorous curriculum for developing understanding in the field of Biosciences. One of our primary focus and defining characteristics is to encourage our students for research work and to be skilled and marketable to secure their respective careers.

Biosciences industrial sector is expected to grow in the coming years. Students graduated from our undergraduate program are prepared to work in interdisciplinary areas of Biological sciences. Getting a degree in Biosciences provides a wide variety of career choices including top research jobs in pharmaceutical industry, diagnostic labs in hospital settings and diagnostic centers, agriculture, academia, research organizations at national and international levels in government and private sectors. Research based career could lead to important discoveries, new cures for diseases and new knowledge that lays a foundation for future advances that will ultimately benefit our country, our society and stimulate our economic growth.