LMS HelpLine

Dear Students, University of Wah has constituted a team consisting of your teachers to listen and solve problems you might face regarding the Learning Management System (LMS). You can contact the relevant teacher and place your complaint.

Faculty Members Contact Number Email
Faculty of Basic Sciences
Department of Biosciences
Dr. Shumaila Naz 0322-5289871 dr.shumaila.naz@uow.edu.pk
Ms. Naheed Malik 0305-5265224 naheed.malik@uow.edu.pk
Ms. Rabia Saleem 0332-0506055 rabia.saleem@uow.edu.pk
Ms. Sania Rauf 0336-6116406 sania.rauf@uow.edu.pk
Department of Chemistry
Dr. Faisal Nawaz 0322-3916965 faisal.nawaz@uow.edu.pk
Ms Tahira Sabeen 0312-5719373 tahira.sabeen@uow.edu.pk
Ms. Saba Tahir 0333-5472420 saba.tahir@uow.edu.pk
Ms Irum Fatima 0300-8355159 irum.faima@uow.edu.pk
Ms Asia 0309-5416028 asia.bibi@uow.edu.pk
Department of Mathematics
Dr Qazi mehmood 0333-5219010 qazimahmood@uow.edu.pk
Mr. Mazhar Mehmood 0346-9574620 mazhar.mehmood@uow.edu.pk
Department of Physics
Dr Matiullah 0345-9665538 drmatishah@uow.edu.pk
Mr Anas Ramzan 0344-5023773 anas.ramzan@uow.edu.pk
Mr. Javed Iqbal 0313-5043040 javed.iqbal@uow.edu.pk
Mr. Ibrar Hussain 0315-5132403 ibrar.hussain@uow.edu.pk
Department of Statistics
Mr. Rizwan Ali 0346-5217608 rizwan.ali@uow.edu.pk
Ms. Samra Shoukat 0336-5302673 samra.shoukat@uow.edu.pk
Faculty of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
Ms. Hira Waseem 0334-1506066 hira.waseem@uow.edu.pk
Mr Asim Ali 0333-5625099 asim.ali@uow.edu.pk
Mr Mudassir Hussain 0341-6748006 mudassar.hussain@uow.edu.pk
Ms Saba Iqbal 0312-6942203,03331540584 saba.iqbal@uow.edu.pk
Faculty of Management Sciences
Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Farhan Shahzad 0313-5345925 farhan.shahzad@uow.edu.pk
Mr. Muhammad Kamran/td> 0334-5025025 kamran.ahmed@uow.edu.pk
Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Economics
Dr Syed Imran Rais 0300-5397418,03100015821 imran.rais@uow.edu.pk
Ms. Baserat Sultana 0331-5944179 baserat.sultana@uow.edu.pk
Department of Education
Ms. Uzma Khalid Ghori 0314-5802666 uzma.khalid@uow.edu.pk
Dr Rukhshanda Mushtaq 0333-9267026 rukhshanda.mushtaq@uow.edu.pk
Department of English
Ms Nuzhat Nawaz 0332-5306554 nuzhat.nawaz@uow.edu.pk
Bibi Halima 0308-5180674 bibi.halima@uow.edu.pk
Department of Psychology
Mr. Maaz Ahmed 0332-5999435 maaz.ahmed@uow.edu.pk
Mr. Tabish Gul 0336-5288746 tabish.gul@uow.edu.pk
Department of Sociology
Mr. Jamil Ahmed Sheikh 0345-5101377 Jamil.sheikh@uow.edu.pk
Ms. Zakia Batool 0336-5213153 zakia.batool@uow.edu.pk
Department of Islamic and Pakistan Studies
Ms. Riffat Naseer 0344-5466325 riffat.naseer@uow.edu.pk
Ms. Mussarat Malik 0333-5493764 mussarat.malik@uow.edu.pk

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