Majority of people reckon Statistics as the body of techniques for the effective collection organization ,presentation ,and condensation of the data. But for a Statistician the scope of Statistics is quite wider, he deems it as the science of decision making in the presence of uncertainty applicable to almost every field of knowledge .

The department of Statistics offers BS (HONS) and MSc degree programs and many students have been conferred BS (HONS) and MSc degrees in Statistics. Our graduates are employed in a wide range of job sectors like education, research organizations, banks, hospitals (as Bio-Statisticians) and marketing firms, etc.

The emphasis of the Department of Statistics in the University of Wah is the achievement of innovative and pragmatic solutions to the problems arising out of the real-world phenomena and to focus on the interdisciplinary research stimulated by these problems. The broad range of statistical interests of our faculty and students strengthens our ability to impart quality education. The major thrust of the research of our faculty is the development of statistical methodology motivated by issues that arise in fields of application.

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