Physics covers a wide range of physical sciences from theoretical and experimental knowledge to cutting edge developments in basic and applied research. Department of Physics is a well-established department of the University. In line of the role of Physics in academia and industry, the mission of the Department is to become a nationally reputed centre of excellence in terms of quality education, knowledge creation, human resource development, capacity building and to produce trained manpower for colleges, universities, electronic industry and research organizations of the country namely PAEC, PINSTECH, NCP, KRL, PCSIR, etc.

The Department offers four degree programs i.e. BS (Hon), MSc, MS and Ph.D. For these programs, the department has highly qualified faculty and well-equipped research laboratories. The department has spacious classrooms which are equipped with multimedia projectors. Curricula of the offered programs are structured to provide a balanced mixture of learning experiences to make the graduates capable of making sound professional decisions. The curricula of the offered programs of the department are so organized as to provide not only the stepwise learning of the subject but also a sound base to the graduates for the onward higher studies and research. The undergraduate studies in Physics lead towards higher studies and research in a number of relevant advanced topics in Physics.

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