Management Sciences

At the department of management sciences, we believe that the reality of business and administration lies in the relationships and bonds built between human beings. Therefore, our education programmes focus upon knowledge and capacity building through fostering a positive relationship between staff and students. Our vision is one that aims to relate the timeless principles of Islamic guidance to the contextual scenario of the modern business world

Our Vision is to

Pursuing a dynamic higher education program in management sciences to train individuals as competent, professionally qualified and socially responsible graduates with deep desire for collaboration, entrepreneurship and cutting edge research playing a decisive role in social and economic uplift of the country.

Our Values include:

  • Humanity: Maintaining a human-centered focus in all that we do
  • Responsibility: Accountability and sense of duty are central to our ethos
  • Excellence: Quality and effort are desired and promoted

Our Mission is to

Provision of conducive academic environment for the students to develop them into management graduates having the qualities of effective and responsible entrepreneurs, managers and socially responsible members of the society by imparting quality education, conceptual clarity and critical thinking.


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