The Department of Biosciences was established in 2005. Currently, the Department offers four Degree Programmes. i.e., BS (Hons) 4-year programme, M.Sc 2-year programme, MS 2-year programme and Ph.D 3-year programme in Biosciences. The Departmental Laboratories are fully equipped with major equipment including Thermocycler, Microcentrifuges, pH meter, Shaker, Laminar flow hood, Incubators, Microscope Microtome, Shaking incubator, Autoclave, Water Distillation Plant, Spectrophotometer and Microwave Oven etc. The Departmental Library has a vast collection of books, reference materials and Encyclopedias to help the students in their studies. A high speed uninterrupted DSL Broadband Internet facility has been provided to access online research articles.

The Department has highly qualified and experienced faculty members. Biosciences have been progressing with unprecedented growth, deepening of knowledge and proliferating methods of investigation. At the same time interdisciplinary approach has become essential, as the barrier between traditional subjects of Bioscience is disappearing. All the branches of Biology speak the same language and use the same molecular tools. It is not surprising that the elements of these molecular biosciences can be combined at an advanced level of research. Keeping in view this concept of interdisciplinary approach, University of Wah started BS (Hons) and M.Sc degrees in Biology.

The manpower trained in the subject of Biology is accommodated in the academic and research organizations, hospitals, serological and pathological diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceuticals, food and dairy industry, forestry and environment protection agencies.


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