NGIRI Projects

National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative (NGIRI) Approved Projects

National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative (NGIRI)2017-18

Sr. # FYP(s) Title Department Approved Budget (in Rs.)
1 Load Management Strategy in Smart Grid Station. Electrical Engineering 42,000/-
2 Smart glove for paralyzed patients Electrical Engineering 14,180/-
3 Monitoring and control of standby generator using android app Electrical Engineering 36,000/-
4 Cost Effective and Power enhancement of solar battery charger using boost converter Electrical Engineering 21,000/-
5 Design and Fabrication of Snake like Robot Mechatronics Engineering 28,470/-
6 Design and Fabrication of a Pneumatic Hammer Low Capacity(1/8 pound) Mechatronics Engineering 48,425/-
7 Design, Fabrication and Control of Multifingered Prosthetic Hand Mechatronics Engineering 57,200/-
8 Human Hand Gestures Recognition System Using Body Sensor Network Mechatronics Engineering 55,000/-
Total… 302,275/-