NGIRI Projects

National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative (NGIRI) Approved Projects

National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative (NGIRI) Project 2015-2016

Sr. # FYP(s) Title Department Approved Budget (in Rs.)
1 Android Cell Phone based controlled robotic car using microcontroller Computer Sciences 41,000/-
2 Smart home for smart living Computer Sciences 23,395/-
3 Ultrasound blind walking stick Computer Sciences 20,874/-
4 Design and Implementation of smart bi-directional energy meter to measure electrical parameters Electrical Engineering 12,030/-
5 Development of conveyor belt system for distinguishing objects based on height and color Electrical Engineering 51,600/-
6 Design and development of digital smart synchroscope Electrical Engineering 18,900/-
7 Parcel delivery quad copter using GPS Electrical Engineering 48,200/-
8 Design and Development of Fully Automated Indoor Hydroponic System Mechatronics Engineering 41,000/-
Total… 256,999/-