Academic Calendar

Fall Semester - 2016
Registration of Courses for old/continuing students26-09-1630-09-16
Registration of Courses for New AdmissionAs per schedule--
Commencement of Classes03-10-16
Duration of Classes03-10-16 to 27-01-1617 Weeks
Selection of Student Council/Club/SocietiesOctober 2016--
Investtiture CeremonyLast week of October 2016--
Badminton/Table Tennis Final11-11-16--
Blood Donation Camp16-11-16--
Basket Ball Final18-11-16--
Qirat/Naat Competition07-12-16--
Cricket Final16-12-16--
Drama Competition28-12-16--
Tug of War/Football Final06-01-17--
Eassy Writing Competition11-01-17--
End Semester Exam30-01-17 to 04-02-171 Week
Semester End Break06-02-17 to 10-02-171 Week
Spring Semester - 2017
Registration of Courses06-02-17 to 10-02-17--
Commencement of Classes13-02-17--
Duration of Classes13-02-17 to 09-06-1717 Weeks
Volleyball Final24-02-17--
Declamation Contest01-03-17--
Sales Gala/Cultural Show10-03-17--
Environment Awareness Compaign13-03-17--
Annual Flower Show16-03-17--
Athletic Final29-03-17--
Blood Donation Camp05-04-17--
Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony12-05-17--
End Semester Exam12-06-17 to 17-06-171 Week
Semester end break19-06-17 to 28-06-1710 Days
Summer Semester - 2017
Registration of Courses/Scrutiny by the Chairperson/Dean/Display of list of eligible students29-06-17 to 30-06-1702 Days
Commencement of Summer Semester03-07-17--
Duration of Classes03-07-17 to 25-08-1708 Weeks
End Semester Exam26-08-17 to 30-08-171 Week
Semester End Break (Including 6th Convocation)04-09-17 to 22-09-173 Weeks
Fall Semester - 2017
Registration of Courses for New AdmissionAs per schedule--
Registration of Courses for old/continuing students Fall Semester02-10-17 to 06-10-171 Week
Orientation of New Students06-10-17 to 07-10-1702 Days
Commencement of Classes09-10-17--
Duration of Classes09-10-17 to 17-11-1706 Weeks
Sports/Cultural Week20-11-17 to 24-11-171 Week
Duration of Classes (including Mid Semester Exam)27-11-17 to 02-02-1810 Weeks
End Semester Exam06-02-18 to 10-02-181 Week
Semester End Break12-02-18 to 23-02-1812 Days
Spring Semester - 2018
Registration of Courses of Spring Semester12-02-18 to 23-02-1812 Days
Commencement of Classes (including Mid Semester Exam)26-02-18--
Duration of Classes26-02-18 to 14-06-1816 Weeks
Eid Ul Fitr (15-06-18, Friday)15-06-18 to 22-06-1808 Days
End Semester Exam25-06-18 to 29-06-181 Week
Semester end break02-07-18 to 13-07-1812 Days
Summer Semester - 2018
Registration of Courses16-07-18 to 17-07-1802 Days
Scrutiny by the Chairperson/Dean18-07-18 to 19-07-1802 Days
Display of list of eligible students20-07-1801 Day
Commencement of Summer Semester23-07-18--
Duration of Classes (including Mid Semester Exam)23-07-18 to 17-08-1804 Weeks
Eid Ul Azha (21-08-18, Tuesday)18-08-18 to 24-08-1801 Week
Duration of Classes27-08-18 to 21-09-1804 Weeks
End Semester Exam24-09-18 to 28-09-181 Week
Semester End Break01-10-18 to 07-10-181 Week
Fall Semester - 2018
Duration Registration of Courses for New AdmissionAs per schedule--
Registration of Courses for old/continuing students Fall Semester01-10-18 to 05-10-181 Week
Orientation of New Students05-10-18 to 06-10-1802 Days
Commencement of Classes08-10-18--
Duration of Classes08-10-18 to 16-11-1806 Weeks
Sports/Cultural Week19-11-18 to 23-11-181 Week
Duration of Classes (including Mid Semester Exam)26-11-18 to 01-02-1910 Weeks
End Semester Exam04-02-19 to 08-02-191 Week
Semester End Break11-02-19 to 22-02-1912 Days
Spring Semester - 2019
Registration of Courses of Spring Semester11-02-19 to 22-02-1912 Days
Commencement of Classes25-02-19--
Duration of Classes (including Mid Semester Exam)25-02-19 to 31-05-1914 Weeks
Eid Ul Fitr (04-06-18, Tuesday)01-06-19 tO 07-06-181 Week
Duration of Classes10-06-19 to 21-06-1902 Weeks
End Semester Exam24-06-19 to 28-06-191 Week
Semester end break01-07-19 to 12-07-1912 Days
Summer Semester - 2019
Registration of Courses15-07-19 to 16-07-1902 Days
Scrutiny by the Chairperson/Dean17-07-19 to 18-07-1902 Days
Display of list of eligible students19-07-1901 Day
Commencement of Summer Semester22-07-19--
Duration of Classes22-07-19 to 08-08-1902 Weeks-04 Days
Eid Ul Azha (11-08-19, Sunday)09-08-19 to 14-08-1906 Days
Duration of Classes15-08-19 to 20-09-1905 Weeks-02 days
End Semester Exam23-09-19 to 27-09-191 Week
Semester End Break30-09-19 to 06-10-191 Week

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