Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Khaliq Ur Rehman Shad SI(M)

The University of Wah though in its infancy has taken giant steps to get it recognized amongst its peers and is the manifestation of its motto, ‘competence through excellence’. Located in the city with highest literacy rate in the country it caters for the diverse demands in the traditional and emerging disciplines.

The first decade of the University has seen the growth of the infrastructure, laboratories, common activity areas, real time connectivity and access to knowledge base. Launching of post graduate program in Engineering, Basic, Social, Computer and Management Sciences has also been accomplished during the very first decade. During your visit or association with the University if you are apprised that it is just a ten years old institution from the very looks of it you will hesitate to believe the same.

Our experienced and qualified faculty and students' urge to excel is making the presence of University felt with the employers, present and prospective alike. I am very confident that the efforts at this end will match the demand of growing world of knowledge and the students and graduates facing the challenge of life in a befitting manner fulfilling their social responsibility.