Chairman Board of Governors

Lt Gen Umar Farooq Durrani HI(M)

University education is an enlightening experience, a process of developing powers of reasoning and judgement, an act of preparing oneself intellectually for mature life. It has to be a wholesome blend of human faculties honed through a well structured academic and extracurricular programs.

I am glad to see the commitment by University of Wah to a value based integrated educational philosophy. The University aims to develop socially responsible generation of professionals, researchers and leaders for the Nation. The faculty members and staff jointly build the human resource with distinct Islamic overtones, ethics and moral values. The faculties have been structured to serve this purpose.

University offers market driven academic programs in an academically conducive environment enriched by an elaborate laboratory infrastructure. Research and development emphasis by the University is substantially augmented by its close proximity to extensive research infrastructure of POFs and numerous industrial units in Hattar Industrial Area. Active and relevant research in Sciences and Engineering coupled with liberal financial scholarships and financial assistance to high achievers and needy students are the University’s definitive strengths.

Professionalism and dynamic leadership attributes are essential for a country like ours to achieve its rightful place in comity of nations. Pakistan’s socio-economic growth, and indeed the survival, in future years will harbor on the breed of honest and competent human resource. It is heartening to know that the University is endeavoring to achieve just that. The synergy among the faculty, staff and students towards this objective has placed UW at a unique pedestal of excellence.

Owing to singular commitment and dedication of its management, University has witnessed accelerated pace of academic and infrastructural developments in a short span since its award of Charter. It has carved a respectable place for itself among the well-established higher education institutions of the Country. As Chairman Board of Governors, I am confident that persistent efforts to excel in the field of higher education and the inculcation of high ethical values among the students at the University will provide the much needed professional leadership to steer the nation out of its current uncertainty and multiple crises towards a brilliant future in years to come.