Chairman Board of Governors

Lt Gen Umar Farooq Durrani HI(M)

University education today is the most powerful growth engine for any nation. At individual level, besides awakening the spirit of collective well being, higher education refines an individual and makes him objective, balanced, right thinker and a correct decision maker. This is achieved by bringing knowledge from the extraneous sources and developing reasoning skills for reigning of the human mind. This is why Islam attaches such great importance to knowledge and education. It is no coincidence that the first word revealed in Quran was “Iqra”.

It is heartening to see that University of Wah has achieved significant milestones within its brief eventful history by pursuing the dual objectives of collective development and individual enhancement through well structured program, encompassing both curricular and co-curricular activities. Such journeys can only be conquered by hard work, dedication and by keeping the eyes on purpose. The University aims to raise the standard of education in the country and be the benchmark for quality education. In this regard, the emphasis being laid on academics, research and practical exposure is particularly creditable and must continue to inculcate in the students those essential traits, which would enable them to handle future challenges. These activities have been a key feature and the recent establishment of Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) is a positive indicator of the management’s commitment to creating and commercializing practical research. This, in my view, must remain at the heart of University of Wah's approach.

What distinguishes University of Wah is our capacity to shape the future of students and our commitment and dedication to University’s mission of imparting moral and ethical values side by side advancing knowledge to the student body. We provide a platform for promising minds to come together, pioneer new thought and serve the nation. And for this, a wide range of disciplines highly qualified faculty, resources, environments and technology are hallmarks of the University so that both learners and teachers are inspired to create, explore, discover, challenge and prepare to lead.

I wish the University all success in its endeavors and sincerely hope that the institution would continue to grow and make substantial contribution in the progress of country in particular and wellbeing of the community in general.