Rules and Regulations

In these Rules, unless otherwise explained, the following terms shall mean as prescribed in each case:

  • University “University” means the University of Wah
  • Competent Authority “Competent Authority” means the Vice Chancellor
  • University Library “University Library” means the Library of University at Quaid Campus
  • Library Rules “Library Rules” means the Rules of the Library
  • Library Committee “Library Committee” means the Committee constituted by the Vice Chancellor to run the library affairs
  • Chairman “Chairman” means the Chairman of Library Committee
  • University Librarian “University Librarian” means the Librarian of the University Library or till his/her appointment, the senior most Officer in the Library
  • Library Users “Library Users” means the Registered member of the University Library as specified in the rules
  • Inter Library Loan “Inter Library Loan” means giving or taking books and other reading materials on loan to and from other libraries.
  • Book Bank

“Book Bank” means the section of the Library having text books for long term (up to a semester) issue by the students

Library Rules

A. Use of the Library

  • The following persons shall be eligible to become members of the library. They shall have the privilege to draw books from the library to the extent and for the period shown against each category of membership subject to the conditions and restrictions laid down here under:
      Sr. No.MembersNo. of BooksPeriod
      aEach Member of the BOG/ Academic Council/ Board of Studies03One Month
      bEach faculty member07One Month
      cEach Under Graduate Student on Roll of the University02One Month
      dEach Full time Post-Graduate Student03Two Months
      eEach Visiting Teacher02One Month
      fEach University Non-Teaching Employee01Fifteen Days
  • The individuals (less serial-a) shall apply for Library membership and deposit Library Security.
  • On acceptance of the application, “Borrower’s Card” will be issued to the Member.
  • B. Borrowing Procedure

    • Members shall be permitted to draw books from the Library subject to the following conditions:
      • All those who are eligible to draw books shall provide two passport size photographs, duly attested, to the Library, which will be affixed on their cards.
      • Borrower’s card shall be non-transferable and shall have to be presented at the time of drawing or returning books.
      • A Borrower who loses his/her card shall immediately inform the Librarian in writing. A duplicate card shall be issued to him/her on payment of Rs.100/-.
      • Borrower’s card of the members in the categories A.1(c) & (d) needs to be renewed for each subsequent Academic Year, for other categories validation will be for the term of service/ membership.
      • Fresh/duplicate Borrower’s card shall be issued to the applicant only, if his/her library account has no outstanding items or fees.
      • Maximum number of books that a member can draw at a time will be mentioned on the Borrower’s card.
      • When a request is made for a book already loaned out of the Library, the intending borrower will be required to fill in a reservation card. As soon as the book is received back in the library, the intending borrower shall be informed. Such books will be issued in order of priority determined by the dates of reservation.
    • If a borrower desires to retain a book beyond the prescribed period, he/she may get it re-issued provided the book is not reserved by another member.
    • Members shall inspect the books at the time of issue and bring defects, if any, to the notice of the Library Officials at the counter.
    • Reference Section Books, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, works of reference, original manuscripts, books which contain valuable engravings, loose plates or maps, or those unbound or un-catalogued shall not be issued on loan by the Library.
    • No magazine, periodical or newspaper shall be taken out of the reading room.
    • The reference section shall contain any such book that is in demand but of which only copy is available.
    • A book urgently required in the Library may be recalled by the Librarian.
    • Members shall not damage, mark, or write on any library book/books, periodical, map, or manuscript. Defaulter shall be required to replace the damaged material with the new one, or to pay double the prevailing price of the market. The price of rare book/books shall be decided by the Library Committee.
    • Members shall get the books issued on their cards before taking them out of library. Infringement of this rule shall entail one or more penalties mentioned below:
      • Fine
      • Suspension/Cancellation of Library Membership
      • Any other Disciplinary Action as deemed appropriate
    • Retention of books by the members beyond the prescribed time limit shall entail fine, it will be Rs.20/- per day per volume for book.
    • The fine or double cost of the book shall be collected by the counter clerk on the prescribed receipt, available at the counter. The amount will be deposited in the University Account.

    C. General Conduct and Discipline

    • Members entering into the Library shall not bring in their personal books, brief cases, large size file covers, over coats, etc. These may be deposited with the Library Attendant at Library Main Gate’s counter.
    • Eating, Sleeping, Smoking and Audible conversation within the Library premises is prohibited.
    • The Librarian shall be responsible for the maintenance of order in the Library. For disorderly conduct or breach of any rule, he may require an offending member to withdraw from the Library for the remainder of the day and shall immediately report the case to the Chairman, Library Committee.
    • The University Library shall remain close during holidays and for the annual stock-taking period. Stock-taking shall be conducted from shelf list/accession register.
    • Physical verification will be made every year in June by a special committee duly notified.

    D. Safe Guards

    • There will be only one point of entry and exit in the Library. The doors and windows of Library shall be secured with proper protective devices.
    • It is to be ensured that no serious negligence will be on the part of Library Staff which may result in the loss of library books.
    • Proper record for the library materials issued, may be maintained according to modern library practices and proper records for transfer and movement of books from one section to other be also maintained.
    • Proper arrangements shall be made for keeping the personal belongings, including books etc., at the entrance point.
    • The Librarian is authorized to search individuals and their belongings if deemed necessary.

    E. Working Hours

    • Library would remain open during the University working hours.
    • The Library working hours may be changed as and when required.

    F. Donations/Gifts

    Donations/Gifts would be welcomed without any condition and their record will be kept by the librarian.

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