Sports contribute towards holistic development of the students. Physical stamina, discipline, perseverance, and determination to win are the desirable attributes among students to prepare them to shoulder responsibilities and cope with failure. As a regular annual feature, Sports Competitions at University of Wah are designed to be exciting, challenging and rewarding for the students to help them exhibit their talents, creativity, enthusiasm and strength. In addition to it, a complete Sports Complex of POF is available for national/international sports events which may be utilized by the University students.

Sports Department has been able to raise a number of University teams of different games i.e. Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Football, Tug of War and Athletics. Our teams are also participating in the POF Annual Inter Factories Sports Competitions for the last five years.

An overview of various
activities of the University
during the period and a glimpse of the future vision.


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