IT Services

Information Technology is the core of any institution and University of Wah also understands its importance in the field of education. Currently there are four state of the art computer labs that facilitate students with extensive usage hours and provide up to date hardware and variety of softwares to make real learning environment. It also includes networked PCs linked to a wide range of softwares and print services.

The IT Section of the University is providing high speed Internet facility via wired and wireless networks to all the departments and computer labs. University networks are also connected to HEC digital library for the purposes of Research and Development activities. The University also provides audio-visual facilities, including over-head projectors, multimedia, software programs and models etc. which play an important role in education.

To enhance IT services and to provide high speed Internet facilities with least downtime, the University IT Section has restructured its IT infrastructure and established a Data Center to meet the IT demands of the University. Moreover, the Data Center is connected to PERN2 in order to take advantages of HEC Digital Library and other valuable resources.

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