Participation in National Science Fair-2016

Departments of Biosciences and Physics, University of Wah participated in National Science Fair, 2016 held from 01-07 December, 2016 organized by Pakistan Museum of Natural History, Islamabad. A large number of schools, colleges, universities, national research and development organizations, industrial sectors and cultural representatives participated in this event. Around 150 stalls were displayed. The National Science Fair provided a great opportunity to bring together researchers, innovators, policy makers and industrialists. This forum was helpful for the researchers to provide their input in economic and scientific growth of the nation.

Departments of Biosciences and Physics, UW presented their innovative research based models for aquaponics and Pneumatic Hydraulic Excavator. University of Wah won 1st special participation prize for their displayed projects. Students from both departments were present at the stall to explain the projects. Their unique and productive ideas were largely appreciated by the scientists, researchers, industrialists, agriculturists and other visitors.