Sales Gala

Annual sales gala organized by Department of Management Sciences was a held on Thursday 28 April, 2016 in University lawn. Different departments actively participated in the event. Number of stalls were set by different departments having edibles, clothing, games, and jewelry etc. Variety of stalls depicting Pakistani culture were also decorated. Students and faculty actively participated and enjoyed the gala whole heartedly.

Spring 2014

Management Sciences Department enjoys the privilege of laying foundation of an activity which is a source of inspiration and morale booster for students. Sales Gala is organized on regular basis and students are provided an opportunity to come up with innovative and practical ideas as how to manage business. The students from various departments install different interesting stalls to attract customers and learn the tactics to manage business operations successfully. This activity gives them a chance to apply marketing strategies and many other creative business skills in a practical mode.

It is said beyond any doubt that such type of events provide students an opportunity to practice and blend academic knowledge with innovative ideas, talent & skills. The success of event and participation made by external sponsors boosts up reputation of the institute as well.