Lecture on "Understanding Climate Change Implications on Poverty and Shared Prosperity"

Dr. Thomas Mosier, a scientist and an engineer, delivered a lecture on the topic "Understanding Climate Change Implications on Poverty and Shared Prosperity" on 20 October, 2016 at UW Seminar Hall. Dr. Thomas Mosier has an expertise in water resources, hydropower, climate, computer model development and machine learning. Presently he is a consultant at the World Bank Group, primarily working on projects related to climate change impacts on South Asia. He also assists on multiple projects to model run-of-river hydropower potential in various regions around the world. In his lecture, the guest speaker highlighted the impact of climate change specifically in Pakistan regarding the historic changes of temperature and pattern of precipitation. He stated that the climate change happening in Pakistan is leading to rise in temperature and intermittent rainfalls. He also said that Global warming is the root-cause of the changing climate pattern.

A large number of faculty members and students attended the lecture. At the end the Vice Chancellor presented the University shield to the guest speaker.