CPD Services

  • Career Counseling
  • International Collaborations
  • Placements
  • Psychological Counseling

Career Counseling

This unit of CPD provides the programs and services to students of UW in exploring and making the best use of their chosen specialization. The programs and services offered, provide opportunities to UW/WEC students to select a career path based on their interest/aptitude. This unit also provides personal and professional advice to fulfill recruiting needs and achieve the career goals.

Following services are offered by this unit:

  • Career counseling (one-to-one/group)
  • Development of soft/employability skills.
    • Resume & cover letter assistance
    • Interviewing skills
    • Assistance in building effective personal statement
    • Letter of recommendation
  • Identifying factors influencing the career development.
  • Job search strategies.
  • Database of organizations /industries to aid in developing career path.
  • Provide access of UW/WEC students to online job portals.
  • Career development workshops/seminars.

International Collaboration Office (ICO)

ICO strives to develop innovative partnerships with leading international universities, expanding opportunities for higher education, ensuring success and transforming the lives of UW students and staff.

Key roles are:

  • Identification of international universities offering liberal scholarships (USA, U.K, Germany, Australia, Canada, China, Scandinavian countries etc.).
  • Maintain active coordination with these universities.
  • Advising/placement of students in international universities offering liberal scholarships.
  • Disseminating information about international scholarships/student/faculty exchange programs.
  • Advising UW to sign MOU’s with international universities of repute.
  • Invite representatives of scholarship funding agencies/foreign universities to UW.
  • Facilitate funding agencies/ foreign universities to hold educational fairs / promotional events in UW.

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Placement office of CPD endeavors to provide career/ job opportunities to students of UW. As this unit serves to provide bridge between likely employers, graduates & alumni to facilitate their connection to students and to provide broad range of meaningful opportunities and experiences. It also aims at equipping students with general tools and provide them resources that would help them in making a smooth and rapid transition from University to Entry level positions.

Major objectives of Placement office includes, but not limited to:

  • Coordinating open houses & job/career fairs
  • Organize management training sessions (talk series) for senior management from industry.
  • Maintaining online placement portal.
  • Branding of industries/employers on campus.
  • Organizing recruitment drives to facilitate on-campus selection of students by employers.
  • Providing employment links.

Psychological Counseling

The mission of this unit is to assist students/staff of UW by assessing and supporting their psychological well-being as they pursue personal and academic goals. Counseling at CPD offers students the opportunity to re-assess themselves, their environment and their relationships to enhance their emotional, relational and psychological well-being in a highly confidential environment.

Services are designed to assist students and provide professional counseling services for educational, social, emotional or psychological issues that may inhibit personal or professional advancement. Our goal is to help students manage their concerns and to enhance their ability to be more effective and successful in their academics and personal life.


  • One-on-One and group counseling.
  • Lectures
  • Workshops / Seminars
  • Counseling Camps
  • Community Services

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